Veggie Wraps or 'Flatbread'.

I love juicing! However there is always leftover pulp and I was never a fan of throwing it away so making veggie wraps or 'flatbread' was just a given.

After playing with the ingredients and getting a few tips from my dear friend Hillary Han who has been juicing and converting her pulp into crackers, flatbreads and salad toppers for many years, I have come up with this easy and absolutely delish recipe for your juice pulp that will have you feeling super nourished and satisfied.

To get the right texture and flavour you need a few essentials in your pulp. Carrots, beets, cucumber, ginger and a good load of greens such as kale, spinach, lettuce, watercress, beet leaves or celery leaves. Anything green works well. You also need some fruit pulp from a soft fruit such as pineapple or kiwi and a couple of apples. The mixture should be about 2/3rd's veggie and the rest fruit. No citrus pulp. It just doesn't work and will ruin the flavour.

These measurements are working with about 2 cups of pulp.

Pop pulp in your blender and add in 1 tbsp of Turmeric Paste.

Then add 1 heaped tsp of ground cumin, coriander and paprika.

You may also want to add a pinch of Celtic sea salt.

Blend to a paste.

Spread mixture on either baking paper if you are using the oven, or on your dehydrator non stick sheets ready for the dehydrator. I then put a sheet of baking paper over the mixture and using a rolling pin, gently roll and flatten to get an even spread about 2 mm thick. Gently peel off the baking paper and your mixture is ready to go. I do recommend using a dehydrator as I find the end result to have a better texture and they are easier to work with.

It's been a while since I used an oven to dry the wraps but I remember leaving the over door open about 2 inches, setting the temp to about 100 degrees C and leaving them in for a couple of hours checking them regularly.

If using a dehydrator, set to 115 degrees F, (45 degrees C), and run for about 5-7 hrs. The time and temp will vary depending on how wet your pulp is and different juicers and/or veggie/fruit choices will mean the pulp may be quite wet on some occasions, and dryer on others. I find the better quality juicers - the masticating juicers - extract more juice, leaving the pulp dryer which means less time in the dehydrator. Many of the cheaper juicers just can't extract the same amount of juice and the pulp is much wetter which for me personally almost doubled the time in the dehydrator. My advice, if you are serious about juicing, invest in a good quality masticating juicer. They are quieter, easier to clean, refreshing to work with and produce a lot more juice. As they are slow and gently grind or 'chew' through your produce they produce no heat which means no enzymes are harmed in the making of your juice! This also means your juice lasts longer and you are getting the maximum nutrition possible. Another bonus is the dehydrating time is almost halved so the whole process is much easier! Something we all need it to be!






Once in the dehydrator check your wraps every couple of hours. As you get more used to making them you will know what time and temp to work with but just experiment in the beginning.

I also advise to turn them at some point during the drying time. There's a trick to it... Place the non stick sheet with your semi-dried veggie wrap upside down on a sheet of baking paper, run your rolling pin over it and you will find you can then gently peel the sheet away without tearing the wrap. You will then be able to easily slide the wrap back onto your non stick sheet and back into the dehydrator.

When finished you can tear or cut the wraps into smaller pieces or leave whole. They are great to have with dips and relishes, or you can fill them with some smashed avocado and salad, or my favourite - hummus and salad. Nutrient rich and easy on digestion they make a perfect food combination and healthy meal. 

PSW Tip: If you like to try different methods, then just hand mix the recipe rather than blending. These Flatbread sandwiches were made by hand to create a different texture and experience!

I also love getting my kids involved and they love helping! Market shopping and stocking up on fresh, locally grown organic produce, heading home and setting up the kids  'juicing' in the kitchen is a little weekend treat for them and they are learning so much about nutrition, health and wellness. This becomes their 'norm' too, so they are learning good practices for their future health. 


Jo- Pure Soul Wellness




This batch below was made with cucumber, kale, ginger, green apples, turmeric paste and a few ground spices... Simple and so good served simply with hummus.