Joann has helped me to find myself again and my pre-baby weight. She has supported me in growing in many different ways. I feel healthy and happy, have loads of energy and inner peace. Not only has she affected my life positively but also indirectly my family and their attitudes. Jo, you are an amazing human being and I feel honoured to walk some of life’s path with you.

Angelia Gamel - Coordinator Adult Classes/ Teacher.

Hi Jo, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for our session on Friday, you are all kinds of amazing and the work you do is profound, there is no other word to describe it! I wanted to write a little review, especially as I floated out (in a grounded way) without any grasp on how to express gratitude at the time! The peace I experienced when I finally sat down that night was on a whole new level - probably because I can't remember experiencing life without that 'block'! I am 100% confident in recommending friends and family to you, thank you again!

– Renae Harmer - Intuitive Healer & Owner/Director of Awaken the Infinite.


Recently I had a session with Jo. She used kinesiology, Reiki and Counselling and it was amazing! I felt huge energetic shifts and a significant increase in my vibrational frequency. Simply put, I felt amazing! It's been a few days and I'm still feeling the positive effects. Thanks Jo. I love how you have integrated three different disciplines to do what works best for me. That’s what I call holistic therapy!

 – Sheryl-Lee Anderson Shaw - Owner/Operator of Kids Play Early Learning Centre.

I have been seeing Joann at Pure Soul Wellness for well over a year now and the changes she has helped me to make in my life, nutrition and well-being has been amazing.  I am so much better equipped to deal with the everyday stresses in life as well as the curve balls that get thrown our way.  Jo has a gentle and encouraging approach, she is positive, empowering and supportive.  It has been a refreshing change to work with someone who actively assists you to improve your well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Bronwyn Wellington - Nurse

After feeling a little stuck in my new business, I was recommended by a close friend to try kinesiology with Joann Farkas. It has been such a gift and an amazing experience in learning to break through negative emotions and blocks within myself. It's refreshing to meet someone who totally gets my journey, and is genuinely supportive of moving forward with me. Jo, you're an angel! 


-Lisa Miller – Owner/Director of Nature’s Symphony.


Dear Jo, I just wanted to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your wisdom, love, guidance and expertise have done wonders for my soul and my world. I truly do love and value you. May you be blessed with eternal light, a heart of joy and overwhelming love. You are amazing!

-Yasmin Trinder - BPsySc, BPsych (Hons) Behavioural Therapist.

Jo is a highly professional, highly compassionate and sincere practitioner. I have utmost faith and trust in her treatments which have benefited and helped me in all aspects of my life.

 -Bronte Smith – Pilates Instructor and Owner/ Director of The Wellness Recipe.

Heaven knows where I’d be if I hadn’t had Jo to help me on my current journey. I have turned a corner emotionally and mentally and I could not have done it without these sessions!

- James Norman – New business owner and Uber driver.