Kinesiology is a holistic approach to health & wellness that uses a combination of ancient eastern energetic healing techniques with western physiological sciences to identify structural, chemical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual imbalances in the body. Being a client centred approach to healthcare, the gentle art of muscle-monitoring is used to identify stressors and imbalances in our physical & emotional body, much of which resides in our sub-conscious.

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Dharma Healing and Mindfulness Counselling:

Buddha Dharma and Mindfulness Counselling is not so much a model that one can just apply, but more of an attitude and approach that one must embody for self-study, and to assist those on a path of physical, emotional & spiritual development. The Buddha Dharma emphasizes the understanding of yourself- know yourself- thus the Buddha Dharma education is a practice of self-inquiry that leads you on a journey toward self-realization. Understanding yourself deeply, knowing that every individual is their own teacher and honouring that each person is indeed unique are principle foundations of Buddha Dharma philosophy.

Holistic Counselling:

Holistic Counselling is a four-fold, body-based approach to psychotherapy that stems primarily from the work of Dr Rudolf Steiner. Steiner believed that all human beings were created with four interrelated, energetic systems. Sharing similar beliefs to Buddha Dharma philosophy, holistic counselling recognises that our physical body shows us the effects of traumatic experiences and emotions through responses such as sickness or ill-health. The general condition of our body shows us how we process experience, how our other subtle (energetic) layers are performing and if we are living a balanced and harmonious life. Many people, especially those who have suffered a number of traumatic experiences, may feel disconnected or find themselves struggling through life whether it be emotionally, mentally and/or physically. Exploring past experiences in order to integrate and heal them is key to this holistic model of counselling.

Spiritual Nutrition:

Buddha-Dharma philosophy shares with us many insights, however self- observation and inquiry leading toward personal discovery and enlightenment is encouraged. Addressing the physical is necessary and being aware of our body, honouring and respecting our intrinsic connection to nature...

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Reiki energy is universal or spiritual energy that is all around us and in all things. Reiki used in therapeutic setting simply means that a trained practitioner is able to access and use this universal energy to further assist re-balancing the body's energy flow and natural ability to heal.

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 The Recipes:

When I discuss food and nutrition with my clients and introduce new ideas and healthier options I always share the recipes that have helped and supported me on my health and wellness journey. I also encourage clients to give me their favourite recipe or food and I will create or share the best variation of it that supports health, vitality and happiness.  

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Retreats & workshops:

Workshops and retreats can create a powerful environment that supports emotional and physical growth, learning, self-observation and healing. Taking some time out of your everyday routine is both exciting and nourishing for the soul!

Pure Soul Wellness will be offering a series of workshops and retreats for the first time in 2016! Bio- Spiritual Nutrition, Dharma Healing, Fasting, Mindfulness, Nourish & Nurture, as well as more information on deepening retreats will be available. Here at Pure Soul Wellness we are blessed to have connected with some of the most inspiring wellness coaches from Australia and around the world. We will keep you up to date sharing opportunities, workshops and retreats on the blog.

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"I have been seeing Joann at Pure Soul Wellness for well over a year now and the changes she has helped me to make in my life, nutrition and well-being has been amazing.  I am so much better equipped to deal with the everyday stresses in life as well as the curve balls that get thrown our way.  Jo has a gentle and encouraging approach. She is positive, empowering and supportive.  It has been a refreshing change to work with someone who actively assists you to improve your well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually."

-Bronwyn Wellington - Nurse