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Workshops and retreats can create a powerful environment that supports emotional and physical growth, learning, self-observation and healing. Taking some time out of your everyday routine is both exciting and nourishing for the soul!

Pure Soul Wellness will be offering a series of workshops and retreats for the first time from 2016! Bio- Spiritual Nutrition, Dharma Healing, Fasting, Mindfulness, Nourish & Nurture, as well as more information on deepening retreats will be available. Here at Pure Soul Wellness we are blessed to have connected with some of the most inspiring wellness coaches from Australia and around the world. We will keep you up to date sharing opportunities, workshops and retreats on the blog.

On our recent retreat in Bali participants were guided through 6 days of yoga immersion, meditation, counselling and kinesiology.

Our yoga teacher Kiyomi Takahashi lead a number of meditation workshops and daily yoga practices, and participants were able to deepen their experience with tailored healing sessions including a full kinesiology balance and follow up care programs with Joann. Many participants experienced their first kinesiology session ever!

Our retreat group was made up of Australians, Americans and Japanese participants and while Kinesiology is becoming a more recognised therapy here in Australia, for our American and Japanese participants it was a very new therapy, however after personal sessions and an ‘Intro to kinesiology’ workshop held mid retreat, which included teaching our group the origins of kinesiology and a few fun muscle testing techniques, many of our international participants went home with a few tools in their pockets eager to learn more! All our participants nailed the muscle testing and all in all, everyone had a fun time learning about the benefits of kinesiology and some experienced their own personal and unique kinesiology session to the incredible backdrop of Ubud’s jungle forests and mother nature at her finest!



To experience kinesiology for yourself, contact Pure Soul Wellness or Karrinyup Wellness Centre today to book a complimentary meet and greet with one of our wellness coaches! 



On our recent March retreat and future retreats Joann offers the following:

'I will attend as your on-site Wellness Coach and Health Practitioner and will be available for participants who wish to experience a personal and tailored healing session for your health and wellness goals, or simply to experience what Kinesiology - an alternative  and natural health therapy - can do for you. As a Counsellor and coach across personal & professional growth and development, nutrition, spirituality, and developing a deeper understanding of yourself, sessions will include a full health assessment and Kinesiology balance with the option of a personal program and follow on support'.



Past retreat experiences and testimonials...

Photo's from my visit to the Dharma Healing Centre, Thailand, 2014... Click the images for more info.

Photo's from our visit to the centre in March, 2016...

The experience

Here is a beautiful account and how one client described the experience...

Koh Samui  - Dharma Healing International Fasting Retreat with

Pure Soul Wellness

The preparation...

"The universe put Jo from Pure Soul Wellness on my radar with a few gentle prompts (and a few not so gentle prompts) at a time in my life when I knew that I was ready for and needed to make some major changes.

I suffered from major depressive disorder since my late teens and have been on various anti-depressants on and off since then. More recently I was diagnosed with PTSD which resulted in a referral to a Psychiatrist who told me I would never fully recover and would need medication for the rest of my life! I was not happy with that at all and wanted to find a better way. That was when Jo came into my life and became the guide and teacher I needed.

Starting with nutrition and my physical self first, and then tackling the mental, emotional and spiritual later, and after a few months of seeing Jo, a chiropractor and a naturopath, I was finally able to come off all my medication. That was almost three years ago.

Over those years Jo slowly and gently introduced her 7 'Ways to wellness' to me and I have slowly, bit by bit, introduced those into my life and pretty much live by them now and understand the importance of good nutrition, not only for our physically health but for our mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

I don’t follow it 100% but when I am bad I use Jo’s mantra “If you are going to be bad be the best bad you can be." I still have an almost daily coffee, eat the occasional not healthy meal and have a glass or two of wine every now and again, but I do try and pick organic and good quality - even when not doing the “right” thing.

When Jo suggested the retreat and said that she thought I was ready and would benefit from it I grabbed at the opportunity. It was also a great opportunity to get to spend some time with Jo outside her practice.

A few weeks before the retreat Jo sent me a detailed fast preparation and lifestyle recommendations based on her 7 'Ways to Wellness' with the focus on the 7 days of R&R to mentally and physically prepare for the fast.

I am a shift worker and am in a rather challenging and unpredictable profession so I didn’t follow it 100% and still drank coffee and had a couple of pieces of takeaway pizza the night before I flew after a very long day at work. It was definitely worth doing the preparation though and helped me to prepare mentally and physically for the fast."

The Centre, Hillary and the fast...

"Jo took care of all the arrangements – finding the cheapest flights, accommodation booking and airport transfers. So all I had to do was the preparation, the packing and get myself to the airport on time. All went seamlessly. The accommodation was very basic but adequate, however the setting was magical and absolute beachfront. You have not seen a sunset till you have seen a sunset on Koh Samui.

The Dharma Healing Centre is old school back to basics sort of place and not a posh modern commercial detox centre.

Hillary, the centre founder and fasting facilitator was warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable. Fasting and nutrition has been her life’s work, and she loves and believes fully in that work.

The fasting program that Hillary teaches is a simple and easy to follow elimination fast that she has developed and tweaked over many years.

I was surprised at how quickly I eased into the program and only experienced a very mild “cleansing/healing crisis” - which I do attribute to the preparation I did beforehand.

I was on Koh Samui for 15 days and fasted for 12 of those days. It was amazing to experience the lightness, clarity and freedom you feel when not eating and I have a new respect for my body and what it could do. Absolutely there were days I felt tired, hungry and cranky but all in all it was a very pleasant enlightening experience.

It was on Koh Samui that for the first time since being diagnosed with depression that I thought of myself as having HAD depression and that it was not a part of me anymore. It was not a huge ‘aha’ moment for me. It was just a subtle shift in perspective that’s significance only occurred to me days later.

Hillary ran daily classes from the patio of the healing centre bungalow, which ranged from Dharma through to fatty acids. I learn't so much about food and my digestive system and what we should eat and why we should eat a certain way.

One of the highlights of my experience was meeting my fellow fasters - what a beautiful bunch of unique and inspiring people!

Having Jo there was great as I not only had Hillary to support me, I had a person that had intimate knowledge of my goals and my challenges, which was awesome.

After my experience I am totally sold on the idea of fasting and do hope to do them on a regular basis so am hoping that Jo continues to facilitate retreats abroad but also hope that she will one day soon start running her own in Western Australia."

- Candice Calitz - Police Officer

For more information on our next trip to Koh Samui, the 7 'Ways to Wellness series, or to discuss your health and wellness journey, contact me today.

Jo - Pure Soul Wellness.