Organic Raw Chocolate

160 grams cacao butter.

90 grams cacao powder.

100-110 grams of Organic Raw Honey (preferably with comb..)

Option- Organic Maple Syrup instead of Honey.

Melt cacao butter double boiler method (glass bowl over boiled water).

Melt it slowly and lovingly by chopping (almost shredding) the cacao butter and just sit it over boiled water. It may take 10 mins or so but it will retain more nutrients this way.

Add Cacao powder and gently mix together.

Add honey or maple to cacao mix and continue to mix well.



Whisk by hand while listening to your favourite song and stiring in the love! Your chocolate will taste better for it!

The more you whisk the smoother and shinier it is, and the silkier the texture.

Set in moulds and refridgerate straight away. Add nuts, dried fruits, even peppermint essence to make your favourite chocolate treat.

Enjoy when set!


Pure Soul Wellness