Kinesiology is a holistic approach to health & wellness that uses a combination of ancient eastern energetic healing techniques with western physiological sciences to identify structural, chemical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual imbalances in the body. Being a client centred approach to healthcare, the gentle art of muscle-monitoring is used to identify stressors and imbalances in our physical & emotional body, much of which resides in our sub-conscious. Using muscle-monitoring as a biofeedback tool allows practitioners to then apply healing techniques to balance the system as a whole and restore the body’s natural ability to heal.

Within a balance, stressors are brought to surface and various techniques are applied to ‘diffuse’ the stress. The physical body and the subtle energy systems are addressed, depending on where the stressors are held. Essences, tuning forks, Reiki and stimulating acupoints can all be used within the correction techniques. The gentle nature of kinesiology means that a session moves along at a pace the client is comfortable with, yet supports powerful and natural healing.