Gluten Free - Dairy Free Pizza!

I was inspired to get this recipe up on the site for a beautiful client that visited me on her travels  - and for all you pizza lovers who are walking the wellness path! It's great when we start letting go of the foods that are not supporting our health and bring in the food and nutrition that is and who says it can't be fun!

It's nice to share a pizza but ordering your old favourite may not have you feeling so well on the inside anymore. Once we start down a path of good nutrition and healthier food options our body adjusts to these positive changes. Often going back to old habits or not so great food choices ends in digestive irritation and feeling not so great in your body. It's a bit like when you start treating yourself well, your body gets a taste for this good feeling and won't accept anything less! It's a blessing in disguise and it's good motivation to stay on track.

This pizza preparation can be really fun as you can experiment and play with this recipe. Everyone has a favourite pizza preference! Today I'm sharing mine...

This is my Mediterranean inspired pizza for you to try. Alternatively you can make the base, the tomato and cashew cheese sauce and combine these sauces with your own favourite flavours and pizza toppings.

Make your sauces up first and pop them in the fridge to develop. They can be made from 1 hour up to a day before you make your pizza and are great sauces you could add to any dish.

Tomato Sauce:

80 grams of dried tomato's soaked in a cup of spring water. Alternatively you can use fresh tomatoes.

1 med garlic clove.

2 tbsp of olive oil.

2 tbsp of honey.

1 1/2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar.

1 tbsp of fresh baby basil leaves.

2 tbsp of fresh oregano. (You could use dried herbs too).

Pinch of salt.

Place all ingredients in your blender including the water you soaked your dried tomatoes in and wiz till smooth. Add Spring water to adjust to preferred texture and consistency. Pour into a squeezy bottle and pop in fridge.

Cashew Cheese Sauce:

100 grams of cashews soaked and rinsed.

1 small clove garlic.

1 small wedge of a red onion.

1/2 tsp of ground turmeric.

1/2 tsp of ground paprika.

Pinch of salt.

1/2 tsp of Nutritional yeast.

Place all ingredients in the blender with half a cup of spring water and blend to a creamy cheese sauce. Taste and adjust salt or yeast to desired flavour and punch. Pop in a air-tight container and refrigerate.

To make the base:

3/4 of a cup of Buckwheat flour to 100mls of water. Double for a larger base.

Pinch of Celtic sea salt.

Mix together until you have a smooth texture and spread evenly about 1/4 - 1/2 cm thick.

TIP: Look for a good quality, finely ground buckwheat flour. You will find working with it much easier.

If cooking in the oven: Line your pizza tray with baking paper and spread mixture evenly. Round or square - choice is yours. Alternatively you can cook on the stove. If using a Bessemer stove top base: Spread mixture straight onto base evenly. 

Topping options:

  • Roasted Red Capsicum: Preheat oven to 200 degrees C and roast Capsicum pieces flesh side down until skin blackens. Remove from oven and cover with baking paper for 10-15 mins. Remove baking paper and gently peel away the skins. Slice roasted capsicum length ways.
  • Black Kalamata Olives - Organic, pitted and slice them to your desired size.
  • Dried Tomato's. Not the ones soaking in vegetable oil! You can either dehydrate or dry your own fresh tomatoes or you can buy dried tomatoes that are vacuum sealed and not soaking in oil. They have a rich flavour and are perfect for pizza. You can also get Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil. They are available from most organic stores and are super tasty but as we are trying to avoid heating oils, using the dried and vacuum packed varieties are better.
  • Fresh Zucchini sliced.
  • Baby spinach leaves.
  • A little organic tomato paste.



Spread the tomato paste lightly over the wet buckwheat base with a spatula. You will find it will spread easily rather than blending with the wet mixture. Then top with all your favourite toppings but leave the tomato and cashew cheese sauce off.  Why tomato paste then and not your homemade tomato sauce? Because concentrated tomato paste does not contain any oils and it's better not to heat oil.

Pop pizza in over on 180C for about 20-25mins.

If cooking on the stove, place lid on base, open vent and cook for about 40-45min on low heat. Lift lid and check occasionally.

Once pizza base is firm and all is looking and smelling delish, remove from heat and top your pizza with a good squeeze of your tomato and cashew cheese sauces, fresh young basil leaves and fresh oregano. Slice and serve immediately!


Gluten free, dairy free and good for your body!


Jo - Pure Soul Wellness.