7 Ways to Wellness - Part 2

If you have arrived here then you are either curious to see what’s next, or even better, ready to take the next step on your 7 Ways to Wellness journey. If you have already introduced the 7 mindful practices in Part 1 of this series, then by now you should be feeling a little different – mentally, emotionally and physically. You may feel more energised, your mental processing may be clearer and you may even notice you're managing and coping with stress better. On a physical level, your tummy may feel more settled as bloating reduces and healing begins, or you may just feel lighter in yourself. Many people report feeling these benefits (and more) quite soon. It’s good to just take a moment and think about what else may have improved. Are you sleeping better? Are you craving less sugary treats? Are you thinking about food less in general? How’s your skin feel? If you are feeling any improvements at all this is your body talking to you and responding to your nurture and nourishment. It’s your body’s way of saying thanks and loving you back!

Part 2 is looking at foods we need to consider permanently eliminating from our diet. When looking through the list you may feel challenged. You may think ‘that’s impossible’, and that’s okay. Even if you only choose 1 or 2 things to start, when that becomes easy and part of everyday life, go back to the list and have another review. What you will notice is that with every positive step you take, and every achievement you make, you will be a little stronger, a little braver and a lot more inspired. What looks too challenging when you first read it may not seem so hard the next.

If you’re one of those people who just like to go for it, then by all means do! If you’re feeling better in your body and motivation has hit, then best embrace it!

The underlying message is that every positive change you make, every small step away from foods that are not loving your body, and toward nutrition and nourishment that is healing you, loving you and optimizing your health and vitality, every small step (or big leap) is creating a subtle change in your physical body, your energetic system, your emotional and mental world and supporting your spiritual, or conscious growth. Many places sell 12 week plans, quick detox diets or boxes and tubs filled with meal replacements that say 'lose weight fast' or 'energise your body'. 7 Ways to Wellness has no time frame. It is gradual and focused on making life changes that create longevity because the truth is, holistic healing is sophisticated. It takes time to get to know yourself, to work with your body and to slowly repair, build or heal the lifetime of 'stuff' we've been holding on to. One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is to allow ourselves this time. Have gratitude that every moment we invest in our self is an investment in something even greater than us. Body, mind and soul work is an incredible and rewarding journey and should never be rushed!

So again, review the list, knock off what you can now and know the rest will follow in time, or jump in with 2 feet and eliminate the lot.

Work towards eliminating these 7 foods permanently:

  • Fried foods. All of them. There is no way around this one. The reality is fried foods have no positives and are toxic to your body.
  • Bottled oils except organic extra virgin oil’s and preferably cold pressed. There are so many different oils and choices available now but your basics are coconut oil, hemp oil or olive oil. Just make sure they are the ‘extra virgin’ cold pressed variety, and keep them in the fridge. The oxygen in the bottle will cause the oil to oxidise overtime. Refrigerating them reduces the oxidation process a little but try to use them quickly after opening. Do not heat your oil! This just makes them toxic and destroys any nutrition they contain.
  • Gluten: wheat, barley, rye and oats. Organic included. Very rarely can our body breakdown the molecules small enough to absorb them. They will damage your small intestine and reduce nutrient absorption. This one is probably the toughest, but with so many gluten free alternatives available now it is getting easier. Watch out for supermarket gluten free products though. They are often high in sugar and other additives and preservatives. I find local farmers markets have the best and tastiest gluten free options. Plus, market environments are a great way to connect with health conscious people and supporting our local farmers always feels good! Also local organic stores stock a great range of pasta's, breads, and flours that will easily meet your gluten free needs.
  • Corn. Including corn syrup and maize. It is highly sprayed with pesticides and genetically modified. Fresh organic corn is fine.
  • Soy. See corn, similar problems.
  • Bubbles! Any drink that is bubbly, soda water etc within 2-3 hrs of eating. CO2 neutralises stomach acid.
  • Well-cooked red meat. The longer meat is cooked (and the higher temperatures) will activate chemicals in the meat that many studies claim to be carcinogenic. Cooking meat also destroys the enzymes that help to break it down so it's harder on your digestion. It is wise to limit meat intake to a palm size portion, 2-3 times per week. (You may find over time you eat less and less red meat and 1 serving per week or fortnight is perfectly fine). When eating red meat, cook it rare and chew it well!

What life may be like on the flipside...

If fast foods, processed foods and Western eating is your mainstream, you may be wondering what life is going to look like without your usual go-to foods. To be honest the experience and transition is different and unique for everyone. Challenges will arise, emotions may be stirred, one day it's 2 steps forward, then next it's one step back. In actual fact, it's just part of the rhythm of life...

What I can say is that the response and feedback from the clients who have opted for the holistic approach - body, mind & soul - have reported many positives changes. Many report having touched on an inner strength and courage that has extended to many areas of life, including finding life goals more achievable. Emotional challenges may arise, as well as physical, and can be addressed within sessions paving the way for a clearer path forward. 

Life becomes more colourful, visually and experientially! As you bring food full of life into your body, and less of the foods that are inorganic - which are non-living foods, your body will reflect more colour, fuller experiences and increased life-force and vitality. You will strengthen, rejuvenate and activate your innate wisdom through reconnecting to your body and your environment.

So - now you have the list of what to work toward permanently eliminating! It may seem simple or it may feel challenging. At some point everyone will be faced with a situation or experience that is difficult. Some days we will step up, other days, not so much. It is important to remember, every day is a new day, a fresh start and a new you. EVERYDAY. What an amazing world we live in where we get another chance and opportunity to start again every single day...

For those who are ready to jump in and have a go, I say go for it. But if you are wondering 'how do I start?' or 'where do I begin?' then visiting part 3 of this series in which I discuss and show you how to bring all of this together and into your life is recommended. It will give you time to sit with any challenges you feel, and just gives you a chance to get used to this new way of being and feeling. If you have already introduced the 7 mindful practices I shared in part 1 of this series then you are already doing something wonderful for your body, mind & soul. Don't worry too much about the 'how?', just work with each day and know that overtime it will all come together... and in part 3 I will share with you a great way to start!

I do recommend giving yourself a chance to let the 'seed' this series may have planted set in. Just start to observe what you are eating now, how you are preparing your food, how you feel about food and how it is making your body feel. You have already begun making the transition into mindfulness and this is a must when working with the preparation. 

Don't forget my tip in part 1 to enlist the help of a friend, partner or Wellness Practitioner. I always recommend working with a qualified practitioner as they can identify the blocks and work with you to release what may have in the past held you back. And of course don't hesitate to contact me for a personalised wellness preparation or to book your appointment today.

Lastly, check out some recipe inspiration on my page Pure Soul Wellness - THE RECIPES - for a look at possibly some of the new foods you'll be experimenting with in the future!


If you are ready to take the next step on your holistic health journey then click here for part 3 of the 7 'Ways to Wellness' series.

Jo - Pure Soul Wellness