7 Ways to Wellness - Part 1

7 'Ways to Wellness' is a gentle preparation that I often tailor to clients on their health and wellness journey. It is a great way to connect with your body, give the gut and digestion a little R&R, and promotes a mindfulness approach to nutrition that is nourishing and supports vitality and longevity. It prepares and supports individuals to make healthier options in their life and let go of the not so great choices that may be (and often are) contributing to poor health, lack of energy and preventing us from achieving our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health and wellness goals.

This approach has been created taking health, longevity and conscious growth into consideration. Working with a partner, friend or coach can make the transition fun, supportive and easier, however working with a qualified Wellness Practitioner to balance the system and address the blocks that have in the past prevented individuals from achieving their health and wellness goals is always recommended. Kinesiology and Mindfulness Counselling is an excellent therapeutic combination that gently and effectively supports this preparation.

It is important to be mindful and flexible each and every day. Preparation is with ease and grace. It is about listening to your body and going with the flow. You may introduce one new healthy practice once a week or all at once - it's totally up to you, but do what works best for you.

So why do I feel you should consider the Pure Soul's 7 'Ways to Wellness' approach? The western diet, processed sugar, stress and intense physical exertion (including exercise, parenting duties and work commitments) often leaves our body depleted of essential nutrients required for optimum health, energy and support. 7 ‘Ways to Wellness’ is a gentle and mindful approach I encourage individuals to introduce into their lifestyle in order to increase nutrient intake and absorption. The idea is by providing our system with the essential nutrients that we need to thrive and not just survive, we support our body's ability to heal and nurture our life-force and vitality. Plus, it is a compilation of some of my favourite offers of advice given to me from the amazing Wellness Practitioners and teachers that I have been lucky to work with.

You will be amazed to discover how your body and soul will support you to achieve more challenging personal, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical goals after embracing these 7 health practices.

Remember, you may introduce one at a time each week for 7 weeks or all at once. You may even find another way to bring each step into your daily routine. No matter how you do it, do it always with compassion for yourself and mindfulness, knowing that you are doing something amazing for your body and soul. Keep a diary and take note of how you're feeling today, then after bringing these 7 practices into your life ask yourself again after 21 days, "how am I feeling now?". Take note of everything such as; how does your skin feel? do you feel more refreshed when you wake? are you calmer? more peaceful? Feeling lighter, less pain, and reducing inflammation and bloating is only the beginning!


1. Embrace an attitude of bring in the 'good' and allow the 'bad' to slowly fall away.

Many diets and programs come with strict rules, restrictions and many limitations. While there are some foods that we aim to permanently eliminate from an individual's life, it's always best to introduce the good stuff first. When someone tells us, 'you can't have that', we may end up wanting it more than ever. By choosing the best option we can we're taking small steps toward mindfulness eating and feeling more positive about our choices. I also like to let clients know, the palette takes about 2 weeks to adjust to a new food or flavour, so give yourself time to adjust. In no time you will love your new food choice and the way it makes you feel!

2. Start your day with lemon or Lime in water.

Each morning before your morning dose of nutrients, smoothie, juice or breakfast, have a glass of lemon or lime juice in warm water. This will kick start and flush the digestive system and increases stomach acidity, aka Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). There are many benefits including helping to re-hydrate the body, helping balance ph levels, boosting the immune system, supporting enzyme production and delivering essential vitamins to the body but I want to focus a little on how it aids stimulating essential stomach acid and improves digestion. HCL is essential in our stomach to break down and digest our food. Often stomach acid or HCL is low and therefore food is not properly digested and not absorbed optimally robbing us of essential nutrients and often creating gut and digestive issues. Increasing your ability to properly digest and absorb essential nutrients supports increased energy, balance, immune health, vitality and happiness... 

Check out this great article that explain 10 reasons why we should be adding lemon or lime juice to our daily diet...you'll be amazed! Click here.

3. Saturate the body with nutrients by adding good quality nutrition & probiotics to your diet.

Don't know which ones or where to start? Easy, start with the basics:

  • Plant Derived Minerals.
  • Good quality, highly bio-available vitamin/mineral supplement.
  • Good quality probiotics.

Nutrients are essential foods your body needs in order to function and yet cannot make, so we are required to meet our body's nutrient needs through our diet. Unfortunately, our diet alone does not provide us with enough of the nutrients we need in order to thrive. Our fruit and veg need mineral rich soil and a host of good healthy bacteria in order to provide us with our nutrient requirements. No soil or food in the world contains the 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 aminos and 3 EFA's we need to thrive so supplementing is necessary to support vitality and health. Plant derived minerals and a good quality vitamin & mineral powder are a fantastic way to get a good hit of our nutrient requirements and are highly bio-available. When it comes to supplementing, it's not what you take, it's what you absorb. You should start to feel benefits within 1-2 weeks on a good quality product.

Probiotics are an essential also if you want to thrive. We are saturated with bacteria - both our 'inners' and our 'outers', so making sure they're mostly the good kind is going to benefit health and vitality immensely. Gut health and digestion are the biggest winners, but many benefits are felt from introducing good quality probiotics.

4. Try introducing a smoothie a day… (or 3-4 times per week).

A smoothie is a great way to introduce increased amount of nutrients and minerals into the body, is easy on the digestion and also supports detoxing the body (as you can pack them full of anti-oxidants). The right smoothie recipe is alkalising to the body, supports regular bowel movements, helps to increase energy, reduce fatigue, and helps to reduce sugar cravings. I've added 2 of my favourite recipes here.

5. Avoid dairy for 21 days.

Dairy has been known to cause sinus congestion as well as digestive irritation in some people. Ghee, butter and some cheeses can be the exception, but if you are having a health issue or feel tired, irritable or having any digestive upset after consuming dairy, a good break for 3 weeks is advised. Healing the gut may mean dairy can be tolerated down the track, but if dairy is a troublesome food group for you, alternatives should be considered and discussing this with your health practitioner is advised.

6. Avoid gluten for 21 days.

Gluten is the biggie. No one wants to give up bread, pasta or an occasional cake here or there! Unfortunately gluten is not tolerated well by many people. Gluten is hard to break down and digest and can cause serious damage to our intestinal wall and gut. Your small intestine is where we absorb our nutrients. We have 'villi' that line our small intestine and it's the villi that absorb the nutrient molecules and transfer them into the bloodstream. When we have a gluten sensitivity it can create an array of problems but bottom line is it can damage and flatten your villi. I like to imagine my small intestine is like a healthy, thriving reef - the villi being the beautiful flowing sea plants. Now imagine what that reef would look like if a cannonball came smashing through it. It's not a nice thought... but that's often the result of consuming gluten. There is not a lot of good to say about gluten, and very few people can tolerate it well. Give yourself a 21 day break and see how you feel after that time. If you feel your energy improve, your stomach settle, less bloating and happier within yourself, it might be a good idea to give gluten a miss. Life goes on and I can say it's pretty good without it!

Pure Soul tip: There are many gluten free options available now days. I have tried and tested many of them and have discovered some amazing and tasty alternatives. If you are challenged and want a recommendation, contact me today!

7. Introduce more good fats into your day, and begin to eliminate bad fats.

Yep, eat good fats. Amazingly, they won't make you fat. I live on good fats, and my body loves them. Good fats include extra virgin oils such as coconut oil or olive oil, avocado, nuts & seeds, butter and ghee. (Nuts & seeds should only be consumed in small portions and away from essential nutrients.) Eliminate the bad fats, which are trans-fats (found in baked goods, cakes, takeaway food and deep-fried food). Consuming good fats provides your body with a good source of energy that leaves you feeling fuller and more satisfied.

There are many positive things you can do, however the 7 practices above I have found to be the most gentle, loving and nurturing (not only to my body but my clients report these and many other benefits too), and the results can be felt quite quickly which makes sticking to it and achieving your goals easier. When we start to feel good in our body, when we feel nourished, nurtured and our energy levels improve, we discover other areas of life improve and many goals that were once too hard to achieve, now become achievable. This approach is also teaching mindfulness. As we become more mindful, we feel more present, more grounded, less stressed and life is less rushed. I love it when clients start to report feeling like they can finally take a breath!

Again, these are 7 of my favourite healthy practices and my 'Way to Wellness', as they are the ones I felt had the biggest impact over time with just a little effort and energy to begin.

This preparation is part 1 of my Pure Soul 7 'Ways to Wellness' series. It is all about bringing good, nourishing and body-loving practices into your life. Part 2 of this series is going to look more at 7 foods that we need to consider eliminating permanently from our life in order to optimize our health and vitality. By establishing the 7 practices above, you will be better prepared and less challenged by part 2!

So give it a go, see how you feel and after 21 days if you feel more energised, lighter and more empowered and present in your body, then check out part 2 to take the next step toward healthy living today.

If you would like more information about this preparation, or would like my personal recommendations of vitamin, mineral and probiotic supplements, or for a more personal plan suited to you, feel free to contact me. Most importantly, if you would like to start a journey of self-discovery, start to understand your body and grow a relationship with yourself that supports healing, health and emotional well-being, contact me to book your appointment today.


Pure Soul Wellness.