Lets talk about boundaries....

Healthy Boundaries, Personal & Professional.

If I told you boundaries are the very foundation necessary to build a strong internal structure, one that will allow you to heal, grow, and move forward in the world, a foundation that is lasting across time and that may one day be the very foundations that enable us to bear up under the weight of any hardship that we often experience from time to time throughout life, would you agree? Let’s consider this for a moment.

We all need a little faith, and without that it’s hard to make forward progress, however boundaries are the most necessary foundation for an individual to move forward in life toward their full-potential and self-actualisation.


Kinesiology can help your brain fire right... and bright!

Do you ever consider furthering your career, studying or pursuing a new interest, or feel the urge to break out of the rat race, expand your horizons and grow both personally and professionally?

An incredible benefit of Kinesiology is that we can work effectively with individuals to support learning, career advancement, stress management, and promote growth in relationships. Our ability to create a brighter future, formulate new concepts and ideas, re-invent ourselves and step further into our full potential become a reality when we address the little blocks or stressors that may be currently getting in the way.


Rejuvenate in Paradise - Bali Retreat - March 2018!

Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit in paradise!  The Rejuvenate in Paradise Bali Yoga Retreat is designed to give you the opportunity to deepen your yoga and meditation practices while experiencing the cultural highlights of "The Island of the Gods." There will be plenty of time for relaxation and self-reflection as well as time to explore the breath-taking natural beauty of the island of Bali.  


To Heal a Tender Heart.

I've been told the heart is the seat of the soul and I can tell you - it's true. To heal and grow requires us to look inside, to journey within to our most powerful feeling center - our heart - and to observe and explore everything and all experience that has been imprinted upon us. The stuff that has shaped us, created us and even the experiences that floored us. I have also been told that the universe only gives you what you can handle. I beg to differ. I believe the universe pushes us to breaking point and then just beyond because to break is a means to crack you open. To tear you apart and strip you bare leaving you with nothing except the very core of your being- your soul. It is a humbling experience and truly silences the ego.


July Workshop!

We are so lucky to have Hillary Han, founder of the Dharma Healing International Centre visit Australia and especially lucky to have her here in Perth on her coming Australian tour. Hillary Adrian Han has been the co-founder and director of Dharma Healing International on Koh Samui Thailand for the past 21 years. Dharma Healing International conducts 7 to 30 day fasting and cleansing course programs according to Dharma principles.

Hillary has a Bachelors in Biology and a Masters in Education from Harvard. Besides being a fasting coach, she is also an Iridologist, Dharma teacher, Nutritionist, Astrologer, Reiki Master, Qi Gong practitioner and a swimming-yogini. She designs courses in fasting, bio-spiritual nutrition, raw food preparation, Dharma for Teachers, Health Practitioners and Spiritual Counsellors. Born as a baby-boomer from Chicago—a city known for gangsters, Hillary’s passion is to be a Bodhisattva and see all living beings enlightened. 


Kinesiology - What it reveals and how it may support you.

Kinesiology never ceases to amaze me. I am constantly reminded of the profound effects that can be felt almost immediately by my clients which has inspired me to write and explore something I hear repeatedly in my practice. Something that I too have personally experienced... Simply this - 'I didn’t know how stressed I was until I wasn't!'

There are many reasons why people seek help but often it’s to address a mental, emotional or physical health issue. Sadly stress, anxiety and/or depression are the main reasons that people seek support and help with 75-90% of all initial doctor office consults being for a stress related issue or complaint. 


7 Ways to Wellness - Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the 7 'Ways to Wellness' series! This article explores and offers an approach to bring everything you've learned so far together. With Easter out of the way, and digestion possibly feeling a little more taxed than usual, now may be the perfect time for this preparation.

If you have started the 7 healthy practices shared in part 1, or are working toward eliminating the 7 bad foods discussed in part 2, it's still a great idea to do this approach as it gives your body a really good kick start in the right direction and may make continuing your journey into health, wellness and mindfulness easier. 


7 Ways to Wellness - Part 2

Welcome to the next step of your wellness journey!

If you have arrived here then you are either curious to see what’s next, or even better, ready to take the next step on your 7 Ways to Wellness journey. If you have already introduced the 7 mindful practices in Part 1 of this series, then by now you should be feeling a little different – mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s good to just take a moment and think about what may have improved, and how you are feeling in your body.

Food & Nutrition - It's Influence on our Emotional and Mental Well-being.

I wrote this article a few years back, however I thought I'd get it up on the blog as it's a great little article that touches on how and why food and nutrition effects mental and emotional well being. For those following the 7 'Ways to Wellness' series, it has some great info that will help to motivate you and also explains some of the challenges we face mentally and emotionally when we bring our attention to our body and start to become mindful of what we are consuming. I have added a few little remarks here and there and a link to some Pure Soul Wellness recipes, but mostly it's one of my originals. An 'oldie but a goodie'. 


7 'Ways to Wellness'. A Pure Soul Wellness approach...

Today I'm sharing a very gentle preparation that I often introduce to clients on their health and wellness journey. It is a great way to connect with your body, give the gut and digestion a little R&R, and promotes a mindfulness approach to nutrition that is nourishing and supports vitality and longevity. It prepares and supports individuals to make healthier options in their life and let go of the not so great choices that may be (and often are) contributing to poor health, lack of energy and preventing us from achieving our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health and wellness goals.


To Err on the Side of Nature. The Dharma Approach.

This is a picture I took of the stunning beach on Koh Samui just metres beyond the Dharma Healing Centre where I spent a week fasting with Hillary Han, and immersing myself in the teachings of Buddha Dharma education.

I feel blessed by the diversity of this stunning landscape and how it reflected a deep internal process of transformation and self-reflection each and every day.

This was back in October 2013, and I write today with an immense amount of gratitude for the teachings, and for Hillary, as I witness each and every day how this approach and ancient wisdom has supported my growth, my own healing, and been the backbone of my approach towards my incredible clients and their personal healing journey.

Today's article is a re-cap of a post I wrote soon after returning home from Thailand back in October 2013, which shares some insights into the Buddha Dharma approach, and what it can do for you.


Trying to lose weight and gain health? You may want to read this article first...

Understanding weight loss, health and wellness is important if you are to be successful. As they say - knowledge is power, so I hope to explain a few things that may help you with your health goals, and hopefully share with you some new insights which may inspire you to try some healthier, and more successful ideas.

If you are jumping into an intense exercise routine or slogging it out at the gym hoping to lose weight and gain health, you may be interested (or challenged) by this article which explores why intense exercise may not be the right approach for weight loss and achieving your health goals, and why it may actually be causing you more harm than good. I'll also give you a couple of tips on what actually works.

Joann Farkas is a Wellness Practitioner, Counsellor and Kinesiologist that has supported many individuals on their health and weight loss journey.

Part 2: Still on the path to healing... the journey continues

My doctors said it was impossible, that it could never be done. The day I was given my heart diagnosis, I was given 1 option, medication until surgery, and possibly medication for the rest of my life.

Not one to settle easily, I challenged my cardiologist that I would find another way. That if anyone could, I could. But his absolute conviction that he'd heard it all before, and that, without a doubt, I would, like everyone else before me, end up back in hospital, back on my medication and needing surgery, left me with a hint of doubt, and a seed of fear wondering, knowing everything I know and with everything I have learned, could I do the impossible and heal- naturally and holistically, and actually be whole again?


Part 1: A time to heal

Originally published in June 2015

Some of you are aware, but many are not, that recently I was challenged with a health complaint, very unexpected and very abrupt! A congenital heart condition that had, until recently, been waiting for the opportune moment to reveal itself and turn my life upside down, sending me on a journey of healing, learning, love and forgiveness. I have written so often of the body and the many energetic layers, the way in which these physical and subtle bodies communicate and interconnect, and how, through these many layers, we manifest into our physical, our symptoms, ailments and dis-ease- the final act of our emotional woes!



Koh Samui…. Back in October 2014, the evening of the Red Blood Moon.

Another beautiful sunset in Samui.... moments like these inspire deep thought processes...

'Only when you give up the fight, when you stop trying to stay afloat and allow yourself to drown, only then do you touch something sacred. In surrendering, you allow the universe, the divine, mother earth and all her tenderness, to embrace you and remind you from where you came. That divine beauty lies within us all yearning to be discovered. Immerse yourself. It is agony and ecstasy all in one. This is our divine truth and from this place we can finally awaken and heal.'

Have you heard of Cellfood?

I am just loving this product so had to share!

Cellfood is an amazing supplement that contains 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes & 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen. It is made from all natural, plant based sources and is easily absorbed and utilised by every cell in the body.

If you are taking any supplements, eating Superfoods or generally trying to eat a nutrient rich diet, taking Cellfood will help the body to better assimilate other vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Increased energy, clarity of thinking, better sleep patterns and an overall feeling of health were the benefits I felt, however Cellfood also supports immune system function, allergy relief, ph balancing, injury recovery, removal of free radicals, digestion and bowel function and cellular oxygenation.


Are you being responsible for your own journey?

Stepping into your power is awesome but it also means owning up to your role and feelings in all situations, both good & bad. Today I may challenge you…

Growing mentally, emotionally & spiritually is an amazing journey but definitely comes with its challenges. I know! I for one stumbled over probably every challenge you could imagine in my stubborn, totally independent, ‘nobody can fix me except me’, mentality. But experiencing each of those hurdles (and I’m sure there’s more to come…) has imprinted on me how vitally important it is to actually ‘rock the boat’, and how in doing so, allows the process of self-inquiry to deepen, expand and be all the more richer.

Product Review! Introducing Baobab fruit powder!

To all my smoothie lovers and anyone else who loves whizzing up a healthy meal or snack I invite you to try this super fruit for an added kick! Baobab fruit powder is a vitamin & mineral packed nutritional hit from the South African baobab tree- 'The tree of Life'. Mother Nature at her finest, the fruit dries on the tree so no processing- bar milling and sieving- is required. 

A raw wholefood, gluten and dairy free, ethically sourced and organic, baobab powder is an exceptional source of fiber, a vital pre-biotic, higher in antioxidants than goji's, acai and blueberries, is alkalising, and is an exceptional source of electrolytes.

Be your own guide. Some tips for meditation, inner peace and calm.

As many of you know, I love the practice of yoga and meditation, and work hard to maintain my daily practice (or at least one of the two). The benefits of a daily practice of meditation- with or without the movement, are endless and when I have been faced with some of the most difficult situations and challenges in life, I have been able to 'lean on' my practice for support and connection.


What are you going to be when you grow up?

About 3 years ago I was lucky enough to learn an incredible lesson from my then 3yr old son, and I felt very much to share his wisdom.

He and I were out shopping for a new Christmas tree when out of nowhere, he had a funny turn and collapsed unconscious in my arms, momentarily stopping breathing. Watching my baby fade away in my arms was a terrifying experience, but at that stage I had no idea of the lesson I was learning and the message he would bring back with him within the coming days. While sitting in the Dr's office waiting to have one of the many tests done to determine why he momentarily ‘checked out’, I started chatting with my son, asking him what he wanted to be when he grew up.