To Heal a Tender Heart.

I've been told the heart is the seat of the soul and I can tell you - it's true. To heal and grow requires us to look inside, to journey within to our most powerful feeling center - our heart - and to observe and explore everything and all experience that has been imprinted upon us. The stuff that has shaped us, created us and even the experiences that floored us. I have also been told that the universe only gives you what you can handle. I beg to differ. I believe the universe pushes us to breaking point and then just beyond because to break is a means to crack you open. To tear you apart and strip you bare leaving you with nothing except the very core of your being- your soul. It is a humbling experience and truly silences the ego.


If you have been following my blogs and articles then you may be aware that last year I was diagnosed with a heart condition called Ventricular Tachycardia (VT). While a little scared at the time, I cannot but see positives from this experience for the impact on my life has been awe-inspiring.

Being thrown into the medical system was in itself an incredible lesson and teaching, one that was essential for my personal growth as well as my professional growth as an alternative health practitioner. What it has taught me I still cannot estimate. I have discovered an understanding of the body, the soul and the spirit, an awareness that is always with me now that had I not experienced VT I would never have known. With each new client and every new case my empathy and awareness grows. Of this world we live in, and this childhood belief so many of us hold onto - that something 'out there' can heal us.

True healing comes from within and first and foremost from a belief that we can. After that we need knowledge, support and to utilise our best and most compassionate health practitioners - alternative and medical - to create a healthcare plan that supports you. This should be within everyone's reach. Presently this approach is dis-jointed. One of my dreams is to see alternative health practitioners and medical doctors unite. To work together and always in the best interest and for the best outcome of the patient, emotionally and physically. The following is my experience and how it all played out and where we are presently on the path to a better healthcare system for everyone.

When I got my diagnosis I was in a position where I could work with my medical doctors and my alternative health practitioners - my chiro, kinesiologist & naturopath - and experience for myself a truly holistic approach and what it takes to heal my heart - physically and emotionally.

To get a diagnosis often comes with an unconscious belief that if it has a name then the doctors know what it is, what caused it and how to fix it. Very soon did I realise that while they could name it, treatment is limited, the medications are crippling, and just because it worked for someone else doesn't mean it was going to work for you. Discovering that my heart was going to race no matter what my medical doctors said or did was very frustrating.

My medical doctors continually up-graded my diagnosis with every emergency visit, continually increased my medications, reminded me everyday how lucky I was to have the best Cardiologist in Perth, commented endlessly on how interesting my case was, and firmly told me that no diet or holistic/ alternative health approach or natural supplement was going to help in any way. When I made the decision to stop taking my medication they looked at me as if I was out of my mind, shook their heads in disbelief and stonewalled any attempt I made for support.

My alternative health practitioners never once diagnosed or named my condition. They never pushed me to take anything or claimed to be able to cure me. They simply treated and supported me - physically and emotionally. When I made the decision to stop taking my meds and put all my knowledge - diet, nutrition, supplements and mindfulness into action they supported me 100%. They even supported me on the days I didn't do so well. There were times when I felt my world was crumbling and yes, there were days I didn't do so well at all. Why? Because I'm human... These were the days my support team simply reached out and gently got me back on my feet again, no judgement, no criticism, just pure unconditional love.

The decision to stop taking my medications didn't come easy. I had to work on my fear and find a belief in myself that I really could do this. That I could put into action everything I knew and all my knowledge and completely trust this process. What did it take to get to this point? Well quite possibly it could have been the fact that I couldn't do what I loved - Counselling & Kinesiology and working with my amazing clients which is what I'm meant to do in this life... that was a big motivator, but beyond that, what drove me was a belief that this experience was indeed one of the greatest lessons and experiences that would either make or break me and forever teach me about the human experience - physically, emotionally and spiritually, and what I was going to learn was going to be my gift to the world.

About 8 weeks after my diagnosis I boarded a plane and 3 flights and about 42 hours later landed in Brazil on a solo adventure to John of God at the Casa De Dom Inacio. Traveling alone with this heart condition was frightening and landing in Brazil at midnight, climbing into a cab for a 2 hour road trip into the middle of nowhere had not been on my to-do list just 4 weeks earlier. Getting away however gives me time to get some perspective. Not only that, knowing there is a place in that world that two to three thousand people travel to every week for spiritual healing and miracles?? If I place like that exists then I want to experience it for myself!

Brazil was extraordinary  - and I witnessed miracles. Many of them! Too many for this article and so many that they became a normal, daily event. I also experienced something extraordinary myself... my own little miracle which has further driven my studies and expanded my awareness of true healing - alternative, innate and above all, holistic. Combined with a little trust, belief, inner strength and will, you have a pretty powerful combo and the ability to achieve anything.

On my return from Brazil I stopped taking my heart medications and start trusting my body, my knowledge and my heart. I don't recommend anyone just stop taking their meds. My decision was not made lightly and I was fully aware of the risks and was personally responsible for any outcome. I also put into action a healthcare plan that included my alternative practitioners - my chiro/kinesiologist and naturopath - and my medical doctors. I implemented a holistic approach to optimize my health, wellness and outcome.

You see a holistic approach is all encompassing and includes physical, emotional and spiritual components. The diet was crucial, natural supplements supported me and I was able to to reduce my VT attacks immensely, going from daily episodes to almost 3 weeks apart. Life became more manageable and my belief in a holistic approach and the road I was traveling personally and professionally was set!

In an interesting turn of events and 10 months after my diagnosis a phone call was made and my medical doctors went into a bit of a frenzy when it was discovered I'd 'fallen through the cracks'. (I can't help but think everything went to plan as I needed the time to explore my own healthcare plan!!). Within 24hours of that discovery I was booked in for surgery at the end of January. I had succeeded in staying off my meds and reducing my attacks, however this condition was still limiting my life so I met the doctors half way and had the surgery.

It's been 6 months since my procedure and I am still learning more every day. Did they fix my heart? They certainly stopped it racing - the symptom. My heart still jumps and kicks most days. It does the cha-cha - a little reminder there is still work to be done. Something else happened though. A procedure that touches your heart... it opens you up emotionally in a way that nothing or no-one can quite prepare you for. I feel raw and sensitive nearly everyday. My emotions exploded for a time and there was a period I didn't even want to leave my home. I have since found out that the doctors know this happens, have possibly even studied it but as they don't have the answers they refuse to discuss it or acknowledge it, don't prepare you for it and go on and pretend it doesn't exist. You see this crosses into that world that many medical doctors haven't explored. A physical procedure that's simply meant to fix your heart yet opens up a world of emotion? They literally touch your soul.

I had a check up with my cardiologist 6 weeks after my procedure. I won't see him now for another 6 months. The cardiologist that performed my heart procedure, the man who literally touched my heart, I will probably never see again.

I still see my alternative health practitioners every week and always will. I feel my emotions more intensely now than ever before in my life (which I think may be a gift) and I work with my alternative health practitioners to continually keep moving them out of my body and to maintain health and wellness. My treatment continually evolves as I do and the aim is always to reduce stress and balance my system as a whole. My heart is healing, but more than that, I am growing.

For me, the last 12 months have probably been the most significant of this adventure we call life! The universe handed me my ass on a platter but I truly believe I signed up for this... why? Because whats knowledge without experience.

I'm not sure if I will ever fully heal my heart in this life. I don't know if I'm even meant too. What I do know is as I grow my heart expands and with every person who's heart and soul I touch... I feel more whole. 

Jo - Pure Soul Wellness.



If you are struggling with your health or challenged with a diagnosis why not get in touch. Ask questions, explore your options and build a team of health practitioners, alternative and medical, to optimism your emotional and physical well-being. You can reach me direct by clicking here, or find me at Karrinyup Wellness Centre. By contacting the team at Karrinyup you'll be able to access a number of practitioners including chiro's, kinesiologists, naturopaths and massage therapists that will work with you to create a healthcare plan that works and wholeheartedly supports you.


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