Part 2: Still on the path to healing... the journey continues

My doctors said it was impossible, that it could never be done. The day I was given my heart diagnosis, I was given 1 option, medication until surgery, and possibly medication for the rest of my life.

Not one to settle easily, I challenged my cardiologist that I would find another way. That if anyone could, I could. But his absolute conviction that he'd heard it all before, and that, without a doubt, I would, like everyone else before me, end up back in hospital, back on my medication and needing surgery, left me with a hint of doubt, and a seed of fear wondering, knowing everything I know and with everything I have learned, could I do the impossible and heal- naturally and holistically, and actually be whole again?


Appointment after appointment with some of the best holistic Doctors, health practitioners and coaches I know continued to confirm my cardiologist’s advice. I was met with so much admiration, respect and support for my attempts and hope of a holistic and natural solution, however the underlying message was, without a doubt, medication and surgery was my only option. Unfortunately for me this only resulted in a growing fear that my cardiologist might be right.

The thing about healing, about believing that you can, is having absolute faith in yourself. Their came a point that I realised if I wanted to heal myself, I needed to find that faith and completely and totally let go of any fear. I needed to get away!

A trip abroad to a place of magic, miracles, compassion and healing was for me, where I found myself again. Letting go of all my fears and completely trusting in my journey, of my ability to heal myself, and the gift and lesson I was learning, was what I found. Now there is an actual science behind this, behind belief, and its effects on healing and happiness… I’ll save that for another day, however let me say it has peaked my interest and my studies has revealed some very interesting facts and science around belief and how we heal.

That was 5 months ago now, and it's been almost 4 months since I've taken any heart medication. (That was at the time I originally published this article on facebook. It has now been about 6 months.)

I am healing!

My medical doctors are scratching their heads. They don't understand how I am healing. Can't figure out how my heart is doing so well off my medication. They are, bottom line, amazed.

I believe this is probably the most important journey and the most important lesson of my life. It is teaching me so much about healing - physically, emotionally and spiritually. It has taught me how to let go of fear and trust myself, and my body - my ability to heal. It has taught me about compassion, understanding, unconditional love and forgiveness. It has taught me to let go.

Life is different now. Better, richer and more colourful.

Every day I heal. I let go of another layer. I laugh and cry. But I feel stronger- vulnerable and yet stronger.

We are all our greatest teachers and healers.

I'm not advocating that anyone should just stop taking their medication. I have directed my personal healthcare plan under the care of my doctors and health coaches’ supervision and support. So what am I advocating? Belief! Faith! Trust! Hope! Ask questions, challenge limitations and demand more! Explore all options and don't settle. Know there’s more than one way to heal. Believe you can and you will.

Kinesiology, chiropractic care and an organic diet and lifestyle have been an integral part of my healing.

If you or someone you know is challenged in health- mentally, emotionally or physically, comment, like and share. Get in touch, reach out, and ask questions. I can put you in contact with the best wellness coaches in Perth or abroad!

I can teach, share, guide and support. I can facilitate a healing plan, but the first step can only be taken by you.

Jo- Pure Soul Wellness.



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