Part 1: A time to heal

Originally published in June 2015

Some of you are aware, but many are not, that recently I was challenged with a health complaint, very unexpected and very abrupt! A congenital heart condition that had, until recently, been waiting for the opportune moment to reveal itself and turn my life upside down, sending me on a journey of healing, learning, love and forgiveness. I have written so often of the body and the many energetic layers, the way in which these physical and subtle bodies communicate and interconnect, and how, through these many layers, we manifest into our physical, our symptoms, ailments and dis-ease- the final act of our emotional woes!



So how did I then manifest a heart condition, knowing what I know and taking as much care as possible not just to talk the talk, but to walk the talk as well?

We're all students of life...

I have always believed, when you experience it, you know it and you can never un-know it. It is through experience that we grow in conviction and in belief of ourselves. And as a teacher, I grow in what I can teach.

To experience is to learn first person, to wear the shoes. We then have the opportunity to explore our inner world, the imprint of the experience and the emotions excited by it. To know it fully, wholly, and in its entirety. The opportunity also exists to deepen our healing. Our vulnerability is tested, our strength and our character is challenged, and our ability to fall, to struggle and to give-in may be revealed, tried and tested. We can visit the many aspects of our self, shine a light on the areas of our spirit in which we may need to direct our tenderness and care. Overall we are given the opportunity to know ourselves a little deeper and a little better, and in doing so, we can see the deeper layers and levels of others. We can know the challenges of others with new understanding and new wisdom, through new eyes. We can explore the vastness of resources available to us that can support our journey to heal and grow and we may then choose to share this with others.

8 weeks ago I sat with my doctor and listened in astonishment as I was told I had a life-threatening heart condition. The following couple of weeks was a blur as I fumbled my way through the roller-coaster ride of emotions that that conversation triggered.

Why did this happen to me?

-To teach me through experience so that I can teach others.

-To show me how far I've come and how far I can take others.

-To open a door to a whole new level of healing that I can now share with others!

And best of all, it has shown me a kindness in humanity, a gift above all, of the many beautiful souls in our life that are there to share the journey. Human connection and love is above all, our greatest gift and our greatest healer!

Jo- Pure Soul Wellness.



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