Product Review! Introducing Baobab fruit powder!

To all my smoothie lovers and anyone else who loves whizzing up a healthy meal or snack I invite you to try this super fruit for an added kick! Baobab fruit powder is a vitamin & mineral packed nutritional hit from the South African baobab tree- 'The tree of Life'. Mother Nature at her finest, the fruit dries on the tree so no processing- bar milling and sieving- is required. 

A raw wholefood, gluten and dairy free, ethically sourced and organic, baobab powder is an exceptional source of fiber, a vital pre-biotic, higher in antioxidants than goji's, acai and blueberries, is alkalising, and is an exceptional source of electrolytes.

Apart from the great nutrition you'll be delivering your body and soul, you'll also be supporting the African communities that have developed an efficient workable system by which families are able to harvest the fruit and earn income. I love sourcing Mother Nature’s incredible gifts and supporting communities makes it so much better! Truly good for the soul! Available now through Pure Soul Wellness.


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