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As a Holistic Counsellor I try to educate my clients on the importance of nurturing not only the emotional & spiritual body, but the physical body as well. Something I discovered early on my own personal journey was you can't work on the physical body without causing an emotional reaction, and you can't work on the emotional body without causing a physical reaction, so caring for our physical body, and being aware of what we put in and on our body, especially in times of high stress, will create a positive reaction!

Organic Shea Butter is a natural, cold pressed oil that contains no artificial colours, preservatives, parabens or anything other than 100% Shea butter. It is well known for promoting capillary circulation and is considered a super healer & rejuvenator for troubled, dry or aging skin.

Personally I use it on my face, neck, legs and feet and find it softens my skin and even though it is an oil, it is absorbed without leaving an oily residue.

I have recommended it to people with eczema and dermatitis, who have reported back how soothing and relieving they found it. Aging skin that has suffered skin cancers and dry patchy sores can find relief as daily use promotes healing.

The other thing I love about this product is it comes in a tub that can be thrown in your compost or recycled when you're done, so you're helping the environment too! And for only $29.95, why wouldn't you give it a go?

Organic Shea butter can be purchased directly from me, simply phone or email to arrange collection or shipping.


Jo- Pure Soul wellness



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