Joann Farkas is an accredited Holistic Counsellor, Kinesiologist and Usui Reiki practitioner. Jo has also been privileged to study the Buddha Dharma education including spiritual nutrition & fasting at the Dharma International Healing Centre on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand. 

Jo holds a certificate in Nutritional Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching and has participated in a number of workshops including wellness retreats, yoga & breath meditations, nutrition, fermentation & raw food classes. As she has a special interest in Neurology she has also participated in further training and specialised kinesiology programs addressing Neuro-emotional pathways, Neuroplasticity and Brain Nutrition. Joann has completed a number of the LEAP Brain Integration programs designed by Charles Krebbs and Jackie Mooney. 

Jo's philosophy and approach to health and wellness coaching is that it is important to work with the physical, emotional & spiritual body, and to become an authentic, empowered & motivated human being, it is essential to connect and synergize each of these parts of ourselves. Being able to listen to your body, connect and hold your emotions in mindfulness and develop a greater awareness of yourself is an amazing and empowering journey that can bring about healing emotional difficulties & struggles, identify and address physical blocks and reconnect us to our innate physical intelligence, opening us to the creative & divine aspect of our higher selves, our spiritual self.


Being a wife and mother, learning balance between work, continued education, home duties and personal time has been a large part of the journey and an important aspect Jo now teaches when working with clients.


Pure Soul Wellness also stocks a range of organic goodies to nurture both your ‘inners’ and your ‘outers’. Products are regularly reviewed & posted on the blog, and many are available for purchase directly from Pure Soul Wellness. Check out the range of products available by clicking the link here! Being consciously aware of what we put in and on our body is a fundamental principle Jo greatly encourages her clients to engage in, and has been one of the core foundations of her own personal growth.

''Counselling, Kinesiology, Reiki, Yoga, Nutrition & Fasting have and continue to be essential practices in my life and I am incredibly passionate about sharing the benefits, so feel free to ask me any question or for more info. For more personal assistance, Kinesiology and Counselling services, please contact me to arrange a private consultation. I hope to share my love of what I do, challenge many 'one way' thoughts, and open everyone up to new ideas, creativity and potentially open a door which may enhance your life!''

Jo - Pure Soul Wellness



 Pure Soul Wellness- Mission Statement.

'Life is about balance. It is about getting to know yourself and finding that delicate balance between stepping into and embracing your power - your authenticity, and softening into your vulnerability. It is about feeling safe and learning to walk your path confidently. This takes time, effort, patience, and compassion for yourself. It is about knowing yourself deeply - intimately. Know yourself and you will know and connect with others; your family, friends and even your greatest challenges. But above all, when you know yourself, you have access to your own infinite wisdom. You are your own healer and you ARE your greatest teacher.'

Joann Farkas holds the following Australian Accredited qualifications:

Advanced Diploma of Holistic Counselling
Advanced Diploma of Functional Kinesiology

LEAP - Learning Enhancement Advanced Program Brain Intergration 2 & 4

Neuroemotional Pathways - NK Institiute
ATMS member

International training and other credentials include:
Teacher Training Buddha Dharma - Dharma International Healing Centre - 2014 & 2016
Reiki 2 Certificate in the Usui Reiki System
Certificate in Lifestyle & Natural Wellness

*ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society
Private health rebates available
Joann also holds a current Working with Children License

Check with your Health fund to see if you qualify or email Jo here at Pure Soul Wellness for more information.